During the seminar, please make sure you are wearing a nafuda/zekken and proper clothing in the dojo, and zori outside the dojo!


You can find a public Transport planner here
It allows you to plan any trip with all Dutch public transport companies, train, bus, subway etc.

Hotel suggestions

Van der Valkhotel Eindhoven

40th Anniversary Celebration: 生涯武道グループ Shogai Budo Group

Please check out the 40th Anniversary Seminar of Ishido sensei, held 11-13 August at the same venue in Eindhoven. As both Matsuoka sensei and Kinomoto sensei will assist Ishido sensei in leading the Summer Seminar together with other Japanese and European sensei, we highly recommend all shinkageka to attend both seminars. More info on the Anniversary Seminar on the website.