General information

With great pleasure, we have the honour of announcing the Himawari Seminar 2019, which will be held in the Netherlands for the tenth time. We are very excited that Matsuoka sensei and Kinomoto sensei will lead the seminar once again.

This tenth edition of the Himawari Seminar will be held on Wednesday 14 August, right after the 40th Anniversary Celebration Seminar of Ishido sensei (11-13 August) at the same venue in Eindhoven. As such, this year’s Himawari Seminar will be devoted entirely to Shinkageryu iaido (koryu).

The participation costs for the seminar:
– Seminar participation: €40,-

Matsuoka sensei and Kinomoto sensei will be staying at the Van der Valkhotel Eindhoven. In case you have special inquiries, please don’t hesitate to email Stan Engelen at

We hope the tenth Himawari Seminar will once again be a great event, both fun and instructive!

The Board of the Dutch Shinkage ryu Foundation



Unfortunately, due to restrictions imposed by the venue’s cafe manager, we will not be able to provide lunch for our participants this year. As such, we have to ask you to provide for your own lunch. We’re very sorry for this inconvenience! (FYI: The cafe will be open during the seminar)