Privacy Statement – Dutch Shinkage ryu Foundation 

This is the Privacy Statement of the Dutch Shinkage ryu Foundation (Nederlandse Stichting Shinkage ryu – NSSr), having its registered office at Ansinghlaan 48, 3431 GV, Nieuwegein, Chamber of Commerce number 30267259, referred to hereafter as ‘NSSr’. This statement applies to all website(s), organised activities and provided services of the NSSr.

When you participate in our activities or make use of our services, you (un)intentionally share your personal data with us. We believe it is important that your personal data is handled with care. That is why we have explained in this statement how we handle your personal data and which rights you have based on the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’). If you have any questions regarding this statement, please send your question by email to:

Processing of personal data 

The NSSr processes the following personal data:

Name (first and last name)

Address, including city and country of residence

Email address

Dojo membership

Dan grade

The NSSr processes this personal data only for the purpose of carrying out activities with and delivering our services to you. For example, we process the above mentioned personal data for the organisation of seminars and other events for which you register with the NSSr, sending newsletters and updates to keep you informed of our activities and to manage our donor administration. Only in case you provide your personal data to the NSSr yourself or when your personal data is provided to the NSSr with your permission by the dojo you are a member of, your personal data will be processed by the NSSr. The NSSr actively endeavors to limit the amount of personal data we require to provide our services to you. As a result, it is likely that not all the above mentioned personal data will be known to us at all times, or processed by us.

The NSSr does not use cookies and does not record your behavior on our website(s) in any way.

Third parties

The NSSr will only provide your personal data to third parties when absolutely necessary for the performance of our services to and/or activities with you, or when required in order to comply with a legal obligation.

Access, rectification or erasure 

You have the right to request the NSSr to access your personal data (unless the NSSr is not obliged to provide this inspection pursuant to the GDPR) and to have your data supplemented, erased or restricted from processing. When making such a request you must provide us with identification. If you wish your data to be erased, the NSSr will pass this erasure request on to all other organisations that have received the relevant data from the NSSr.


The NSSR does not retain your personal data any longer than required for the performance of our services and/or activities, or for compliance with a legal obligation.


The NSSr takes appropriate measures, including confidentiality, to protect your personal data against loss, alteration and unauthorised disclosure and access. In this way we ensure that only the necessary NSSr staff have access to your data, that access to your personal data is protected and that our security measures are checked regularly.


If you are a minor and wish to register for any of our activities or services, you must provide explicit permission from your parent or guardian.

Links to other websites

The website(s) of the NSSr may contain links to other websites. This Privacy Statement only applies to the website(s) of the NSSr. Other websites use their own privacy policy. The NSSr recommends that you always consult the relevant privacy statement of these other websites.

Policy changes

The NSSr adjusts its privacy policy from time to time to keep it up-to-date. The most recent version of our Privacy Statement will always be included on the website(s). In case of significant changes, the NSSr will inform you by e-mail and via the websites.

Contact details

If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data or want to request the NSSr to access, supplement and/or erase your personal data, you can contact us via the contact details below.

Contact person:                    Stan Engelen

NSSr Board position:             Secretary



Of course we are happy to help you further if you have a complaint about the processing of your personal data. Pursuant to the GDPR you have the right to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority about our processing of your personal data. You can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority through

Amsterdam, May 2018