Unfortunately, due to restrictions imposed by the venue’s cafe manager, we will not be able to provide lunch for our participants this year. As such, we have to ask you to provide for your own lunch. We’re very sorry for this inconvenience! (FYI: The cafe will be open during the seminar)


As always, we appreciate the effort of registering on time. Therefore we have an early bird fee for participants who register early.

A couple weeks in advance of the seminar, foreign participants will receive a covering letter in English and French from the Dutch Shinkage ryu Foundation. This letter contains a statement from the Dutch Shinkage ryu Foundation that the holder of this letter is carrying a sword for legitimate reasons and requests cooperation from the respective authorities. We advise you to carry a similar letter or statement from your own national iaido/kendo renmei with you on your travels to the Netherlands.

Bank information

IBAN: NL70 RABO 0151 9203 89
Name: Nederlandse Stichting Shinkage ryu
location: Nieuwegein.

There are no additional costs for bank transfers within the EU. So please pay by bank transfer in order to ensure a smooth registration process for the seminar!

Registration periods

up to and including Sunday 4 August Registration with early bird fee: 40 euro
from 5 August Late registration: 50 euro

Registration form

Registration is closed, see you next year!