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Cover letter

A week in advance of the seminar, foreign participants will receive a covering letter in English from the Dutch Shinkage ryu Foundation. This letter contains a statement from the Dutch Shinkage ryu Foundation that the holder of this letter is carrying a sword for legitimate reasons and requests cooperation from the respective authorities. We advise you to carry a similar letter or statement from your own national iaido/kendo renmei with you on your travels to the Netherlands.

Registration fee

Full 2 day seminar, including lunch

 40 euro

Saturday, including lunch

Sunday, including lunch

Sunday for NKR national team members

 25 euro

20 euro

0 euro

Bank information

IBAN: NL70 RABO 0151 9203 89
Name: Nederlandse Stichting Shinkage ryu
location: Nieuwegein.

There are no additional costs for bank transfers within the EU. So please pay by bank transfer in order to ensure a smooth registration process for the seminar!